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Design philosophy


Every detail is well thought out to be able to blend together both in terms of design and function for your outdoor environment. Discover how a patio heater becomes a fireplace that you gather around with friends and family to exchange stories and experiences.


Tommre's products elegantly combine form, function and technology, nothing is left to chance. Through selected exclusive materials in combination with tasteful proportions, the collections are connected and you get a common thread. So you can create your oasis in your home.

Tommres produkter skall harmonisera likt vatten som rinner ut i havet


Our offer is to satisfy products that can withstand standing outside in the open air and protect, that create a play with fire and water, store the soil and let it grow. All to create a harmony for your outdoor environment with a minimalist contemporary architectural feel.


We want our products to suit both private homes and public places. All details and materials are carefully selected to blend in and create a whole, a common thread.


The inspiration comes from the west coast of Halland. Elegant beautiful self-developed products that last,

which ages with beauty and which creates a harmony for your outdoor environment.

Inspirationen av tommres produkter kommer från modern arkitektur och är gjorda för att smälta samman i lyxiga hem.
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