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The terrace heater's tight, rectangular shape makes it perfect for most oblong tables. A luxurious interior detail that allows many people to warm themselves in the flames of a linear fire.







The ES-Terrace Heater is easy to handle, from starting it up to moving it from table to table. The glass can be removed for better heat distribution, and the flame and heat are adjustable with the stainless steel knob. The top part can be used as a surface for placing items and neatly conceals the gas tank. It comes with a protective cover to prevent debris from getting among the volcanic stones

See how easily the terrace heater is started mechanically using a luxurious knob.
See how easily you can adjust the flame height on the terrace heater.
'See how easily you can remove the glass to get closer to the fire.
See how easily and conveniently you can protect the terrace heater
ES-TERRASSVÄRMARE kan placeras var du vill på din uteplats.

The feeling it provides, sitting by a fireplace, getting warmth from the flames, sipping a glass of wine, and enjoying the company of your closest friends. Experience the warmth of the dancing flames while having a glass of whiskey and sharing old memories and stories, just like we used to.

ES-Terrace Heater Tabletop Model

The three different models of terrace heaters are available in two different colors, black concrete or gray concrete. They have a harmonious design where the concrete meets brushed stainless steel details, creating a beautiful contrast. A beautiful fire rises above the black lava stones behind a clear crystal glass, providing protection and can also be easily removed to generate more warmth. The fire is started and regulated using an industrially designed knob made of solid stainless steel. The function is durable and safe, with a built-in ignition ensuring functionality for many years to come. An integrated anti-tilt safety feature triggers and shuts off the fire if the heater is tipped or knocked over. The upper part is easy to lift off with recessed grips in the concrete and has a rubberized bottom to protect the table surface from scratches. Through a discreet black textile-covered hose, the upper part can be conveniently placed up to 2 meters away, and a black weather-resistant cover is included to protect the product from the elements when not in use. ES-3 TERRACE HEATER is a tabletop model with a visible fire. Its sleek, rectangular shape makes it perfect for most elongated tables. It's a luxurious interior detail that allows many to bask in the flames along a linear fire. ES-4 TERRACE HEATER is a tabletop model with a visible fire. Its soft, round shape blends harmoniously with the table, providing space around for people to sit around the fireplace and get lost in the flames. ES-5 TERRACE HEATER is a tabletop model with a visible fire. The clean, cubist shape combined with the flames creates a stylish and elegant atmosphere when people gather around the table to enjoy the warmth from the fire. By placing the terrace heater over the hole in the table for the umbrella, you achieve an elegant installation. An included weather-resistant black fabric cover elegantly conceals the gas tank, and with an opening at the top, you can easily turn off the gas.


A terrace heater, fire basket, or fire pit from TOMMRE features a live fire that enhances the ambiance, provides warmth and light, and becomes a stylish interior detail to place in your outdoor environment. At TOMMRE, you'll find a curated selection of various heat sources that not only offer excellent warmth but are also high-quality, beautiful interior accents.



How much propane does a terrace heater consume?

A terrace heater consumes varying amounts of propane depending on the burner's output. The ES terrace heater has a rating of 7kW and at maximum measured output, it consumes 509g/h. This means that a PC10 propane cylinder lasts for almost 20 hours. If you reduce the output, it will last significantly longer.

Are propane terrace heaters cost-effective?

When comparing the output you get for the cost, propane heaters are significantly more cost-effective. Now that electricity prices have become so expensive, it's even more profitable to use propane. An electric terrace heater has an output of approximately 1.5kW, which corresponds to electricity tariff 4 with an average price of about 180 öre, approximately 27 SEK per hour. The ES terrace heater has a much higher output of about 7kW, and the price of propane is approximately 34 SEK per kg, which translates to a maximum cost of about 17 SEK per hour.

How long does a propane tank last for heating?

If your terrace heater is 7kW, then a PC10 propane cylinder will last for almost 20 hours at full power. Most of the time, you won't use the heat at full power but adjust the temperature as it gets colder outside. This means that your propane cylinder will last well over 20 hours. To calculate how long a cylinder lasts, you divide the output by 12.8, which is the energy in one kilogram of propane, to get the consumption per hour.

How long does an 11kg propane cylinder last?

An 11kg propane cylinder, such as a P11, contains approximately 11kg of gas, so the ES terrace heater will last for almost 22 hours. If you calculate that you use the product at full power for approximately 3 hours per evening, it will last for approximately 7-8 sessions.

How many degrees below freezing can a propane tank withstand?

Propane has a freezing point at -187°C, which means you never need to worry about the propane tank freezing. However, the product may perform less efficiently below -5°C.

Får man ha gasolflaska inomhus?

ou are allowed to store a maximum of 2 propane cylinders, each weighing less than 30kg, inside your villa, townhouse, or vacation home without permission from the municipality. These should be stored in a well-ventilated area. Keep the space free from easily flammable materials such as fabric, paper, and cardboard.

Får man ställa ES terrassvärmaren på ett bord?

Yes, the ES terrace heater is tested and approved by Intertek to be placed on a table, provided that there are no flammable items nearby and that the table meets the requirements specified in the instructions that come with the product. If you are unsure whether your table can withstand the heat from the terrace heater, we recommend protecting your table.

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