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Since ancient times, we have gathered around the campfire, socialized with friends, told stories, or simply lost ourselves in the flames to feel peace and harmony. This is a feeling many have experienced, but now there is research to support it. At a university in Alabama, research has been conducted on the relaxing effect of fire. By measuring blood pressure and stress levels in several hundred people by a live fire, the conclusion was clear: Sitting by a campfire lowers the pulse, stabilizes blood pressure, and helps us relax and feel less stressed. The effect of the fire also increases if more senses are involved, such as food, drink, music, and company. With the ES patio heater, you have the opportunity to experience a fireplace in your own safe home on your terrace. Many senses are enriched when you don't have to experience any unpleasant smoke and smell. You can socialize with your closest friends and enjoy good food or snuggle up in your lounge area with your loved one, enjoying a good wine, listening to music, and getting lost in the flames.

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