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The fire basket EK-1 is an eyecatcher for your garden thanks to its organic shape and timeless design. Inspired by the classic archishock lamp, it gives your garden a feeling of pure luxury when the fire flares up between the leaves.

The fire basket EK-1 is available in one size and is suitable for smaller areas such as patios and smaller gardens. Where it stands out like a beautiful piece of jewelry during the day and where the play of fire between the leaves creates a harmonious effect during the evening. Experience a new world of warmth from an organic fire.

Let the flames from the EK-1 fire pit warm up and bring harmony to the night.

The fire pit is a portable fireplace. Place it by the entrance to welcome guests. Set it up in the backyard and gather with friends around a magical fire that spreads light and warmth on a chilly summer night. Use the embers for grilling and enjoy an authentic taste experience. Here, you can find fire pits and various accessories.

EK Fire basket center

Is there anything cozier than gathering around a live fire and getting lost in the flames? Whether you buy an EK-1 fire pit or an ES terrace heater for your outdoor space, you'll get both warmth from the fire and the glow of the flames, extending your summer evenings. Gathering around an outdoor fire is something you can do year-round, immersing yourself in the glow of the flames, grilling something delicious, and enjoying a taste experience in the warmth. Placing two ES terrace heaters or 2 EK-1 fire pits at the entrance welcomes guests to the party and enhances the atmosphere! Fire from TOMMRE's fire pit or terrace heater adds a touch of magic to your gathering with your closest friends. Why not enjoy the fire's flames with your loved ones and dream away with a glass of wine? Regardless of the occasion, you can extend your summer nights with TOMMRE's products. ES terrace heater, fire pit, or fire bowl – what will you use your fire for? Different products have different uses. You can use an ES terrace heater on your deck, place it on your dining table, and feel the warmth of a live fire without smoke or odor, and get lost in the flames, but it's not for cooking. An EK-1 fire pit allows you to gather with friends around a live fire and immerse yourself in the flames of a crackling fire. Here, you can grill a sausage in the embers using a grill skewer or place it at the entrance to welcome your guests. If you want to grill over an open fire, you should buy an EF fire bowl that can be complemented with a grill grate. If you're not grilling on a grate, you can skewer something over the embers. This solution is more permanent, so you can build seating around it. If you're looking for an exclusive mood enhancer with fire, TOMMRE has the product for you. An important aspect is safety! You cannot place a fire pit directly on your lawn or deck. The fire pit generates strong heat, and embers can fall onto flammable material. It is recommended to place your outdoor fire pit on stone, garden tiles, or gravel. You should also ensure that you always have access to water or a fire extinguisher nearby when enjoying the live fire. Also, don't forget that it's prohibited to use your terrace heater, fire pit, or fire bowl if there is a fire ban in your municipality, which is the case during certain times in the summer. The EK fire pit is made of Corten, a material that rusts on the surface and develops a beautiful patina. The rust seals the surface so that the fire pit doesn't deteriorate. Corten steel is highly heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures, ensuring it will last for many years to come.

Shop for your heat source from TOMMRE

Shop for your heat source from TOMMRE. A terrace heater, fire pit, or fire bowl from TOMMRE features a live fire that enhances the ambiance, provides warmth and light, and becomes a stylish interior detail to place in your outdoor environment. At TOMMRE, you'll find a curated selection of various heat sources that not only offer excellent warmth but are also high-quality, beautiful interior accents.


How do you make a fire in a fire pit?

A fire pit is lit in the same way as a fireplace. First, place some ignitable material such as twigs and shavings, along with smaller pieces of wood, at the bottom of your fire pit. Then, create a pyramid of fire logs on top of it. Finally, light it using matches or a lighter.

Får man eldar i en eldkorg?

"Of course, it is allowed to use a fire pit for burning, but you should ensure that you never burn near flammable materials. Be careful not to let the embers spread. Avoid burning when it's very windy, and never leave an open fire unattended. Make sure you always have firefighting equipment available, such as a fire extinguisher or water.

Kan man ha Eldfat på trädäck?

You can have a fire bowl on a wooden deck as long as you ensure that the radiant heat or sparks from the fire don't pose a risk of igniting the surface. However, the fire bowl should not be placed directly on a flammable surface such as the wooden deck itself.

Is it allowed to have fires on your own property?

It is allowed to have fires in smaller quantities on your own property. However, you cannot burn whenever and whatever you want. Be mindful that the smoke, odor, and soot from the burning do not disturb your nearest neighbors.

Do you need to notify if you're going to have a fire?

No, you do not need to notify if you're going to have a fire. Burning is done at your own risk. The person who starts a fire must be able to control it and is responsible for any damage the fire may cause. If one cannot ignite and use a fire in a safe manner, one should refrain from doing so.

How close to a house can you have a fire?

Burning outdoors may be prohibited for health and environmental reasons in certain areas. Avoid burning near grass, as grass fires are common during certain periods. If the grass is dry, the fire spreads faster. Avoid having an open fire closer than 15 meters to a building or forest unless the area around the fire pit is adapted for burning, with gravel or stones.

What should I buy for a fire pit?

There are a variety of fire pits and fire bowls available on the market. Determine what you want to use your fire pit for. What design do I want? Where should it be placed? How many people should be able to sit around it? Will it be used year-round? When not in use, can it be stored away or left out? What lifespan do I want for the fire pit, one season or 15 years? You usually get what you pay for.

What size fire pit would you like?

Depending on the area you want to heat and how many people it accommodates, the size of the fire pit is determined. The EK-1 fire pit is suitable for an area of 2.5x2.5 meters, perfect for about 5 people.

Is it allowed to have a fireplace in the yard?

Yes, of course, there are no regulations governing this. However, it is your own responsibility to ensure that you are burning in a correct manner, such as keeping away from flammable materials.

What does the location where the fire basket will be placed look like?

The fire basket should be placed on non-flammable materials such as stone, tiles, or gravel. Combustible materials should also be at a safe distance.

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